Why You Need To Do A Website Redesign & Viewing Your Website As An Employee

Hand Drawn Animated Man Redesigning His Website By Painting Over The Old

Why Redesign A Website

In this article about website redesign, we’ll cover the following topics.

1. Why you should evaluate your website like an employee.
2. Why redesign a website?
3. How often should you redesign your website?
4. How to redesign a website?
5. How much does it cost to redesign a website?



Why you should evaluate your website as an employee and consider a website redesign.

If you look at the essential functions of a website, it’s easy to see how similar your business website is to one of your employees. Similar to how you are continually evaluating your employees’ performance, you should do the same process with your business website. Your website is an extension of your brand and requires your energy to make it successful.

Like an employee, your website should:
  • Be a great source of information for anyone that interacts with your brand.
  • Have the ability to convert interested customers into buyers or workable leads.
  • Have constant updates and energy put into it so it can better serve your customers.
  • Be adding tremendous value to your company.

Just because you aren’t as familiar with building, maintaining, or doing a website redesign, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. A professional business website is one of the most effective tools a business can have in its arsenal. Yes, there is an initial time and money investment required, but the same is true for an employee. Next, let’s look at some of the significant differences between your professionally designed website and your employee.

Your website:
  • Is always on the clock, 24/7/365.
  • Is consistent at all times. It doesn’t get stressed out, show up late, misquote something, or cause you any issues. The only thing it does is help you.
  • Can sell things at all hours. Why wouldn’t you want to make money while you’re off the clock?
  • Will generate new business for you without much effort on your part.
  • Gives you instant credibility and encourages more people to do business with you.
  • Allows your customers to interact and fall in love with your brand from anywhere in the world.


Website Redesign to Convert Customers

Why Do A Website Redesign?

If your business website isn’t producing revenue for your company or helping it grow, it’s time for a website redesign. Please do not fall into the trap of having a poorly designed business website and thinking it’s normal for it not to improve your business. When designed correctly, it funnels your audience down a premeditated path that is ideal for converting them into customers. Whether that means buying your product on your site, picking up the phone and calling your sales team, or even sharing your social media posts to increase your brand exposure and reputation, it needs to be helping somehow.

Please be self-aware and honest with yourself. If you designed your business website yourself through a company like Wix or Squarespace, be realistic with your expectations. Those platforms are ok for putting something basic up, but they’re a nightmare for SEO and actually converting customers. There’s a reason professional web designers exist and why these mentioned products are so low cost. Websites are the definition of “you get what you pay for.”

Alternatively, if you hired what you thought was a reputable company in the past and still are not seeing results, considering reaching out to an expert for an honest analysis of where you could make improvements. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with web designers who overpromise and underdeliver. A lot of these fly by night companies are using simple premade themes and filling them in with your basic information. Your business is unique and doesn’t fit into a premade, general theme designed for the masses. This premade route has no consideration towards your individual customer sales funnel and, ultimately, doesn’t convert for you.

Regrettably, most people who have a business website that isn’t producing results for them got taken advantage of by a company that oversold their capabilities for a quick buck. If you fall into this category, we’re genuinely sorry you had a bad experience. Please don’t let one bad business deal discourage you from investing in a tool that is guaranteed and proven to grow your business.


How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

We recommended doing a website redesign or an in-depth website update at least once every 12 months at a minimum. Most companies that are growing and thriving make significant changes throughout each year. Why would you make changes in your company and with your employees, but leave a key team member out? You wouldn’t.

If you’ve changed the tone of your brand, it’s target audience, any of your products, or have made any changes that are no longer consistent with what you’re always showing the entire world, make the changes even sooner than a year. If it’s been a while since you’ve made updates to your brand, or don’t have a dedicated brand guideline, learn more about building your brand into a household name here.


How to redesign a website?

For businesses under 500 employees, we always recommended hiring a trusted web design, SEO, and digital agency to handle all of your website redesign needs. It merely is not cost-efficient to hire an employee and risk them not producing exactly what you’re looking for. When hiring an outside agency, your interaction with them can usually be limited after the initial meetings to understand your goals. You’ll have to approve design and content along the way to ensure they’re reaching your expectations. Also, you will have an entire team working on your project and have multiple different perspectives and backgrounds working together to deliver the perfect finished product.

Should things not go as planned, you can hold an entire business accountable that depends on a positive reputation vs. an employee that could probably care less.


How Much Does It Cost To Redesign A Website?

Depending upon your unique business needs, plan for a proper website redesign or building a business website from scratch to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. The cost varies due to the requested features and customization that can go into the design and functionality. A business that is simply presenting information to their audience is much different than a business that needs online user accounts, store locators, shopping carts, check out features, or other interactive user features. If you’ve started to consider your business website as an employee of your company, the cost becomes much more reasonable.