Juan Montoya

Co-Founder / CEO

Business Strategy, Sales Training, Executive Coaching, Team Culture, Branding & Advertising

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Hi, I'm Juan Montoya, Founder of Continental Management Consultants (CMC).

I started CMC as a passion project to end my seemingly constant search for professional fulfillment. I've tried working as a CEO, COO, CFO, and CMO in multiple different industries, such as entertainment, restaurants, retail, automotive, and healthcare. Through this time, I noticed a pattern developing.

  1. Obsess until I was an expert on every task that was assigned to me.
  2. Obsess until I was an expert on each task that was assigned to everyone else.
  3. Develop a fantastic team around me that can handle anything.
  4. Critically evaluate the business and find areas of weakness or exposure.
  5. Develop a plan to protect the business and make it future proof.
  6. Promote from within and groom someone to take my job.
  7. Get bored after the company flourished and was running smoothly.
  8. Help the company sell and move on, or quit and move onto the next challenge.

This pattern leads me to the realization that I'm just not meant to work for one company with the same challenges. I thrive on finding solutions to problems in a fast-paced, continually changing, and demanding environment. The higher the expectations and stakes, the better I feel and perform. 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs of over 20 years, so I'm familiar with just how high the stakes can be for even the simplest of tasks. As a business owner, we are faced with so many micro-decisions continuously throughout the day. These decisions may feel seemingly irrelevant at the time, but are actually ticking time bombs waiting to wreak havoc on your business. It's human nature to ignore things that don't immediately affect us, which leads to poor micro-decisions. That's where my passion comes in and why I founded CMC.

We all have different callings, gifts, and passions in this life. I truly believe mine is to look out for others and help those in my life reach their fullest potential. Reaching that potential will require you to stay focused on what you're most passionate about. You will do your absolute best work when it's something you love. Your business will grow and prosper when its fueled by your enthusiasm.

All too often, I've seen people start a business with the best intentions. Months or years later, they become frustrated and unsuccessful after realizing running a business isn't just about doing what you're good at. Their attention gets pulled into so many different lanes that the passion you started with gets lost. This leads to unnecessary stress and owning an unfulfilling business that exists just to give your employees a paycheck. I built CMC to be that trusted partner that helps you keep your energy focused on giving your gift to the world. Give all of your attention to what you love and let us handle the rest. We love a challenge, and we promise to find a solution.