James Tobias

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Website Design, Branding, Illustration, Web Development, Graphic Design & Video Animation

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Hi, I'm James Tobias, Creative Director of Continental Management Consultants. (CMC)

I've always felt my calling was in the art and design industry, but I started my professional career as a criminal attorney after graduating from law school. Being an attorney was great as I loved working with people and getting to immerse myself in the details. My time as a criminal attorney provided me with an excellent foundation for understanding how people think and the motives behind their actions. I still use that foundation to this day to be more effective when applying my creative spin on our projects. 

After four years of working in law, my priorities in life changed, and I decided to leave it all behind. I stopped doing something I didn't love to focus on my true passion. I packed up my things and moved to France to work as a designer in the travel industry. There, I developed brands and websites from scratch for several now large resorts, which was an excellent start for my design career.

Much like the members on our team, although I was doing something I loved, my creative mind was restricted. I was focused solely on one specific industry and producing the same type of content each month. I knew that I wouldn't be happy without more variety, and I lose interest if there isn't a challenge for me to solve. I quit my job and started my own company in 2006 and have worked with over 860 clients since then. I've been fortunate enough to gain some tremendous experience along the way. I've been hired by some of the brightest minds in the industry at corporations like Apple, ADP, Nestle, BBVA, TEDx, Colavita, and much more. 

I joined the Continental Management Consultant's team to share my passion with the world and find the diversity I crave. No day is the same for my team and I as we are trusted by various different industries each month, all with a new set of challenges to solve. I've been blessed to build a team that shares my enthusiasm for finding solutions and thrives in a fast pace, demanding environment. 

My Commitment To You

I want to understand what your creative challenges are. I thrive on finding a solution that will not only make you aesthetically happy but deliver results on the business side as well. I accomplish this by spending meaningful time interviewing you in the initial stages of our process. It allows me to understand the challenges you have, your vision, purpose, and the emotion behind your brand. Learning all about you enables me to merge your passion for your business with my love for design and create something truly amazing together.

I put myself not only in the shoes of the company we're working with but their target clientele as well. I continuously ask myself what would drive a customer to do business with our client, and how can I implement a clients' desires into our creative strategy? With this mindset, my team delivers beautiful results that strategically connect with your customers on a deeper level. Our work is proven to increase customer retention, brand loyalty, and gross revenue. It also makes the advertising team's job a whole lot easier when they're starting with something impactful that truly speaks to its audience.

Working in a creative capacity is my calling in life, which makes work never really feel like work. I have a tendency to quote 200 hours of work for a project and then spend an additional 50 hours on meticulous details that most people would never notice. I love to obsess over the details because I understand that even the slightest inconsistency in functionality, content, or copy could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. I always want to make sure every last color, font, functionality, and message of your project is 100% perfect. I promise to always deliverer your project in pristine condition and to the absolute highest standards possible.