Our Process

What's it like doing business with us?

Our interactions usually start within you. Perhaps you’ve been unhappy with the growth you’ve experienced in the last year, or you want to expand your business but aren’t sure how. Maybe you’re struggling with your marketing and aren’t quite ready to hire someone to do things internally as you don’t really know what to look for. We could continue to list reasons, but really at the core of everything, you know you want to be better and could use a helping hand.

Almost all of our conversations start with a quick email, phone call, or video chat. During our initial phone call, we’ll gain an understanding of what your challenges are. This is a collaborative process where we’ll most likely have just as many questions as you do. We operate a little differently than most as we don’t accept every client that shows an interest in working with us. We’ve built an excellent reputation by only partnering with those we know we’ll have success with and do not want to waste anyone’s time. Doing a thorough interview helps bring only prosperous outcomes to your situation.

After our initial conversation, if you’re local, we typically set a time to meet you at your place of business. We’re definitely able to handle things 100% remotely, but if given the option, we’d always like a tour of your business to get a better understanding of your situation. We’re a bit more hands-on than most as we strive to deliver the highest level of customer service possible. Meeting in person is a great way to continue to build the relationship and further see if our methods and goals are compatible with each other.

From there, we’ll mutually make the decision if we’d like to partner together on solving your challenges. We’ll present you with a proposal that clearly outlines:

  1. A thorough timeline for the process
  2. Precisely what we’ll be doing for you
  3. The benefits of collaborating with CMC
  4. What receivables you’ll gain
  5. The cost of the project.

From there, we begin implementing our proposed plan and make sure we hit all of our marks along the way. We’ve never missed a deadline. We take great personal pride in always overdelivering on your expectations.

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The Benefits of collaborating with