Grow Your Business With Effective Digital Advertising

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Leveraging Effective Digital Advertising To Grow Your Business


Are you ready to grow your business? Have you tried one of the various forms of digital advertising? If you operate a business with a storefront, there’s a good chance you’ll be there to greet the customer when they stop by to check out what you have to offer. What about the customer that isn’t stopping by in person, though? Most customers are interacting with your website well before they make contact with an actual person from your business. This is where effective digital advertising comes into play. 

What does your website say about your business? Is it an accurate reflection of your company? Does it clearly tell your story, and what sets you apart from your competition? Is it aesthetically pleasing to look at? Is there a wall of text your users won’t read, or is the content broken up into an easily digestible format?

Statistics show that customers form the first impression of your website within 50 milliseconds. Their decision will be based entirely upon what they see visually and how aesthetically pleasing it is. Also, 75% of consumers admit they judge a business’s credibility based on the design and functionality of their website. That means 3 in 4 customers will potentially not do business with you based on your site alone. It’s impossible to grow your business if 75% of your customers are avoiding you before even speaking with you. 


Time To Grow Your Business

Take a moment and load up your own website. Pretend that you’re a potential customer who knows zero about you and is learning of your business for the first time. Be honest with yourself and think about what their impression would be after 50 milliseconds and again after 1 minute. Assuming you can only make a decision based upon your experience after 1 minute, would you do business with yourself?

If your honest answer is no, please don’t feel bad. The reality is that most business owners are not happy with their website. The question is, what will you do about it? Sure, you could do what most people do and ignore it, chalking it up to something you don’t know enough about that feels out of your reach. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a marketing company in the past and feel like you got taken advantage of. Or perhaps, you’re comfortable being stagnant and want to continue focusing on utilizing business development representatives, referrals, promoters, or word of mouth marketing to grow your business. Unfortunately, none of those scenarios guarantee that you will grow your business in 2020.


Winning With Digital Advertising

Do you want guaranteed growth in 2020? Start doing laser-focused digital advertising. Expose yourself to an audience that is specifically looking for a company like yours and only pay when they view your website. Have real data that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, which will consistently drive down your cost per acquisition (CPA). Reach that new customer that you’ve been neglecting for the past few years.

Facebook ads and Google pay per click is the most efficient way to spend your marketing dollars in 2020. If you have yet to be amazed by the results that are being achieved daily from an effectively managed digital advertising campaign, you owe it to yourself to see what it’s all about. Ask yourself this. If you could spend between $1-$10 to put yourself in front of a customer that was searching for your service exclusively, would you? That opportunity exists every single day with digital advertising. The only difference is, you are putting your website in front of your customer, not your physical self.

This is a great thing, though.  We can eliminate human error and give your customers the absolute best experience, every single time. With a beautifully designed, informative, and convincing website, you’re guaranteed to turn these cost-effective opportunities into customers every time. Stop creating excuses and make 2020 your best year yet.